Seastacks (ink drawing)

Seastacks (ink drawing)




Line drawing at the beach



Ink on paper. I took my drawing to the beach! I felt very artsy as I sat in the sun, near the ocean, and drew the shoreline and picturesque dark rocks. Possibly I’ll color this later, but for now I like the simplicity of the dark lines and the white, clean paper.

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  1. I had no idea you’re a painter. For some reason I thought you ‘only’ write. What exceptional talent you have.

    You wondered if you should keep this black and white or add color. At this time I’m attempting to enlarge some of my black and white drawings so that I can leave the original as is. I can mess up 5 or 6 times if needed before I get the painting right all without touching the original.

    Question. What kind of pens are those? I go through black ink like nobodies business. Twenty black pens a month is my habit. I know right.. lol

    I like the simplicity of this. Sometimes simple says it all. đŸ™‚


    • That’s amazing about your ability to scale up your drawings. I have such difficulty with that.

      I go through black, too, Faith. The ones I use are Sakura 30062 Pigma Micron Ink Pens, (a picture of them on Amazon here) they are easily available in any art store. I have yet to try anything else yet, but these do the job, and are cheap enough that I don’t feel bad about using them up. đŸ™‚

      I’m not wanting to color it at this time. Maybe I’ll scan it and color it digitally to see what I get from that, but sometimes black and white art just really speaks to me, and since this originally was a contour exercise, I think the contrast is appropriate.

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