‘Picking Flowers’ (oil painting)

‘Picking Flowers’ (oil painting)

After-Renoir-Picking Flowers



18″x 24″, oil on canvas board. Done as an exercise, using Renoir’s painting Picking Flowers as a reference. I fell in love with the picture after being fortunate enough to see it in San Francisco, in person. Impressionism was a lot of fun to try, and gave me lots of room for me, a beginner, to be loose with colors and brush strokes, and not be strict about the end product. I learned a lot about blending, the handling of oils, which is buttery and slow to dry compared to acrylic paints. I loved the bright dots of color. Working wet-on-wet was also a new experience for me, and I loved it! This is definitely something I’d like to try again, but with my own work, using my own reference photographs.

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  1. Truly lovely. All of it. My eyes though, are drawn to the blue in the sky – the clouds too, but there’s something about the blue that… something, can’t describe it. Renoir’s got nothin’ on you, girl.

    • Thanks, Robert! I love that I heard from you, here! YAY! Makes me so happy! I’m glad you liked the painting, and that you like the blue. It’s mostly made up of “cobalt blue ultramarine” but I know I mixed in some other colors, too.

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