Anita (charcoal drawing)

Anita (charcoal drawing)





Charcoal and graphite on toned paper. I read about toning paper and got interested in how to do it. It’s super easy. I applied a watercolor wash over some heavy duty paper and let it fully dry before sketching. I like how the portrait I drew over the wash looks rustic. I’m not very adept at using charcoal, but I do enjoy for it certain applications, particularly for the gradients that are available with hair. More than any other feature in this picture I am pleased about the hair, the light white streaks against the dark powder of the willow charcoal.

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  1. Being NOT an artist, as you well know, I can’t speak for the methods or techniques used. However, I can honestly say that your ‘experimenting’ results in beautiful artwork.

    Penney Knightly rocks!

    well, that’s what the young people say. I’m pretty sure it means something good. I might have said something like, “Fifth avenue, Mabel!” or “Hotsy totsy, Reginald.” or “Quite spiffy, old girl.” “Keeno, daddy-o” or getting closer to my time, “Hey, man, that’s boss.” or (I never heard of this one before) “Man! That razzed my berries!” or if I were from the big eastern cities, “Yo mama, that’s cookin’.” or as the 70s waned, (and this meant very good) “Whoa, man, that’s bad – real bad!)

    • You’re adorable. Thank you for your comments, you’ve made blogging (and everything else) so much more fun to do!

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