Birdhouse (acrylic painting)

Birdhouse (acrylic painting)


18″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas. This is one of the first paintings I ever did. I spent a considerable amount of time making a color chart, (featured below), being new to painting, taking note of how much white to mix with a particular shade of blue, for example, to get the color I wanted. The colors in this painting are very stark, bright, and not muted. I would have done better to work with a limited palette, but the explosions of color available to me, and my unfamiliarity with painting, made this more of a learning experience rather than a satisfying finished piece. This was still good practice using a reference photo, color mixing, sketching and planning a layout, and painting onto canvas for the first time.




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  1. Loved the exuberant colors of the piece – notice that I used a big snobby Art Critic Word. Always wanted to do that. This painting made spend quite some time today looking for a similar painting I’d seen over my years. Couldn’t find it, but the first one I found that was only a little close was Van Gogh’s Irises. Another that in some remote way reminded me of your birdhouse was Edvard Munch’s Garden With Red House.

    And today’s painting drove me to try and learn two styles of painting: post impressionist, and expressionist. I won’t remember anything about it tomorrow, but I did check them out.

    • Yay, the word “exuberant” made my day!

      Thank you for commenting, and for your kind words. I really like the Edvard Munch painting you mentioned. Lots of color there, and even though the perspective is a bit off, that somehow gives it a sort of child-like magic. Post impressionist and impressionist are among my favorite styles that I’m aware of so far, I will have to look into expressionist — as a first guess I’d say it may have something to do with abstract / more modernist painting? Thanks for educating me, too. 🙂

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