‘Picking Flowers’ (oil painting)

‘Picking Flowers’ (oil painting)

After-Renoir-Picking Flowers



18″x 24″, oil on canvas board. Done as an exercise, using Renoir’s painting Picking Flowers as a reference. I fell in love with the picture after being fortunate enough to see it in San Francisco, in person. Impressionism was a lot of fun to try, and gave me lots of room for me, a beginner, to be loose with colors and brush strokes, and not be strict about the end product. I learned a lot about blending, the handling of oils, which is buttery and slow to dry compared to acrylic paints. I loved the bright dots of color. Working wet-on-wet was also a new experience for me, and I loved it! This is definitely something I’d like to try again, but with my own work, using my own reference photographs.

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  1. Truly lovely. All of it. My eyes though, are drawn to the blue in the sky – the clouds too, but there’s something about the blue that… something, can’t describe it. Renoir’s got nothin’ on you, girl.

    • Thanks, Robert! I love that I heard from you, here! YAY! Makes me so happy! I’m glad you liked the painting, and that you like the blue. It’s mostly made up of “cobalt blue ultramarine” but I know I mixed in some other colors, too.

  2. Faith,

    I’m sorry you couldn’t leave a comment before. I would be more than happy if you “littered” my site with excitement! 🙂

    I’m so pleased you like the painting. Thank you for being so kind. I like your idea about putting it over the head of your bed. I wonder if I shouldn’t look at frames for it, and see how it will look? I have yet to buy a frame for any of my paintings, so it’s a big, exciting step. I like that idea; thank you for your encouragement.

    You are very fortunate to just be able to start with a line and go from there. I’ve seen your work and it’s beautiful — you don’t seem to suffer for being spontaneous. For me, I have to usually have done a few simple sketches before I begin painting. Almost every time I’ve tried to do something based on a color, or shape, or a line, I’ve just ended up with an unusual painting, it would just turn into over over-mixed paint, and basically mud-looking. I’m not very meticulous about prepping, just some simple line sketches. I’ve other painters completely draw everything on paper, use transfer paper to transfer it perfectly onto a canvas, then paint it in. I usually sketch on the canvas and make adjustments, then I’m good to go.

    It is really interesting to note how everyone’s approach and workflow is slightly different, even if we read similar books, and work with a similar skill set. Fascinating.

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