Samantha (graphite drawing)

Samantha (graphite drawing)




8.5 x 11″, graphite on paper. A simple portrait sketch that took me about half an hour to make. I used a black-and-white reference photo. My goal wasn’t to focus on shading so much, as it was to practice placing the features of the face. In this picture, you can even see my guidelines, particularly the eyebrows, eyes, and nose. I shaded a tiny bit on the right hand side of the image, which was representative of the hard light / shadow in the reference photo.

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  1. Another pretty face. Love the down cast eyes pose. I noticed and like the shading – I still need to learn more about that.

    I’m interested in how you use the guidelines for features placement.

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you like the cast-down eyes. It was different, as I’m usually working on the iris and inner eye. Turns out placement isn’t any easier even though there is less detail. I need to learn more about shading, too, this one just involved a little finger swiping with the graphite that was already on the paper. I’ll have to make a post in the future about using guidelines. I’m not very adept at it, but it does help a great deal. The important thing to remember is “measuring” is just about the relative spacing of one facial feature to another, and happily, everyone’s spacing is different!

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