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Yes is the Answer (design)

In a burst of trying to get myself motivated and focused in a positive direction, I have been making some colorful “posters” in Photoshop.

Here is one of them: “Yes is the answer you’re looking for.”

And this design on an A-line dress, because feel-good feeling and fashion should go together!
Take a look, here, or click on the image to go to the Shop. ♥

Thanks for reading and supporting me!

Half of All T-Rexes Were Female (design, art)

Half of All T-Rexes Were Female (design, art)

A Facebook friend of mine, a few weeks ago, looked at my T-rex line drawing and said, “I would wear that as a t-shirt if it said, “Half of all t-rexes were female,”” so yesterday and today I’m playing with the idea. I downloaded the Jurassic Park font, threw it on there, and began manipulating in Photoshop. This is a fun concept. In a weird way, I’m not sure what the slogan means exactly, but it seems feminist-empowering. Plus, I realized I had not once thought about a T-rex being female, always assumed malT-Rex Female - Bright Greene. Which do you like better: bright green or dark green?

T-Rex Female - Dark Green


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Scrapbook Flower Design – Digital

Scrapbook Flower Design – Digital

Feeling a bit whimsical today, and missing a friend, I decided to make a small illustration featuring some hand-drawn, simple line art flowers. Sketchbook Pro has a great pattern and line-mirroring ability which I had yet to play with. The result is this image, based on my original idea of mimicking scrapbook paper.

Here is the image with original black and white flowers.

Scrapbook Flowers - Black and White












Here is the image with color added!

Scrapbook Flowers - Colored

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