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Poetry Journal Excerpt: August 2018










I did end up writing a few poems in August, which is supremely encouraging. I have been pecking at reading more of The Poet’s Companion. I can’t say that the prompts from that have led to any work, as I have not being doing the prompts! That’s on me, not on the quality of the book. The book is amazing.

I have been reading more contemporary poetry during the day, which does put me in a receptive mood for the poems that are inside of me.
Nicola Mae Goldberg’s “Wisconsin” in Winter Tangerine has really impressed and propelled me.

I want to move toward more full-bodied poems. Poems that say more and have more substance. I have a tendency to rattle off about three to four stanzas and then walk away from a poem. I want my poems to be more like a meal, or an experience, than a flash of light, or a sparse, mysterious vision.

I don’t know if this will mean a change of style or voice, or if this is what experimentation looks like. Is it a desirable idea? Either way, it never hurts to play–and to use an artistic illustration, it might be like breaking out the watercolors when you’ve been used to oil painting. Or maybe making a collage–changing it up altogether. But I feel like I am ready for this, and it feels like a natural transition. So, onward, I will play. (And will share that play.)

Speaking of sharing…here are some excerpts from the writing of August.



I am still submitting work into the world, so it’s all happening at its own pace. No recent acceptances yet, but there is still the hope.

Wishing you creative experimentation and growth in your own season,

Flowerina (digital inking / WIP)

Flowerina (digital inking / WIP)

I just bought myself a copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. This program is intuitive, powerful, and downright amazing. I am exploring its vast features and getting accustomed to making digital drawings. This is a work-in-progress of Flowerina, originally an ink drawing I’ve shared here on the blog. My new project with this image is to turn it into a digital print from the original ink-on-paper image.

The original image, ink on paper.
The original image, ink on paper.


Flowerina, in the process of being digitalized.
Flowerina, in the process of being digitalized.


I’m looking forward to working with this program more, and digitally reworking my existing drawing. I think this will lead to the next project nicely — selling art online in various formats!

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