I write poetry and create art.

I am a survivor of child and adult sexual abuse, so that theme often finds its way into my work.

Trauma is a strange beast — it strengthens hypersensitivity and isolation at the same time, often even happening in an odd mixed state.

Over the years, I’ve been using art therapy to recover from the effects of extreme abuse. I have taken up drawing and painting, and I’m slowly getting better at them. I also love taking photographs, capturing many small beauties.

I began writing short stories at the age of ten. When I was sixteen, a friend introduced me to poetry, which became my dominant form of writing.

I wrote poetry as a teenager, mostly to cope with large emotions. I didn’t know what emotion I was feeling. I could not identify “I feel happy,” or “I feel sad.” I could tell you that I felt like a broken window just struck by lightning / the pieces on the floor / dead fallen birds.” (That was a poem I actually wrote then, not super fantastic by my standard today, but at least I was writing.)

Time went by and I connected with the world. I got out of my hometown. I have been fully and unconditionally loved. I’ve broken apart my family history, been to a lot of therapists, and written a lot poems. Poetry has been a reality tether for me. When I thought disconnection and dissociation had taken over my life, I turned to poems for concrete images.

My poetry has appeared in Raving DoveBroad!Big River Poetry Review, Dead King, Eunoia Review, Cleaver, and some other fantastic places. (See full listing of published works here.)

So, I go on, through time and space, ever closer to myself and fully healing. I am currently working on an independently-published chapbook. I am an active member of The Writing Bridge, an online community of writers that has enabled me to refine and develop my poetry.

I live on the West coast with my family, alongside the wild Pacific Ocean, where I love to ride my robin’s-egg-blue bicycle, affectionately named “Daisy”, and have adventures in my kayak, “Lily.”

Daisy at the Beach
Daisy is enjoying the beach.


Lily, resting on the beach
Lily, resting after a paddle.
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