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A Black Opus,” Cleaver Magazine (Issue 19) / poem recording at On the Edge

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Three Little Sisters,” The Bookends Review (July 2017)

Present Eventually,” The Bookends Review (June 2017)

When I Told You I Was A Prostitute,” “Realizing You Are The Desire,” The Wild Word (June 2017, Issue 17)


Cinderella,” The Bookends Review (June 2017)

Juliet, I Am Not,” CEO Literary Magazine (May 2017)

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Vivarium,” “Object Lesson from Nature,” “Desynchronous,”
Anti-Heroin Chic (February 2017)

Sexology,” Awakened Voices (January 2017, Issue 4)


Recovery Manual,” Awakened Voices (January 2017, Issue 4)

The Classification of Rainbows,” Eunoia Review (January 2017)

Requires Heavy Lifting,” Eunoia Review (January 2017)

Pavee,” Eunoia Review (January 2017)

Nature is Nurture,” Burningword Journal (January 2017, Issue 81)



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Not Even Friendly Fire,” Ink in Thirds (October 2016) (page 18)

Early Mornings,” Ink in Thirds (October 2016) (page 7)

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Waiting for the Anger to Stop,” Dead King (March 2016, Issue 1)

A Phone Call Unanswered,” Dead King (March 2016, Issue 1)



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After Party,” Broad! Magazine (Winter 2014) (page 37)

Praise for My Future Vagina,” Raving Dove (Spring/Summer 2011)

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