April 2019: “Arrival is by Definition a Leaving,” and “Fish and Fisherman” published on Porridge.


January, 2019: “Out of Bed,” “A Letter Leaves,” “Mesh,” and “Grief Bone” published in Adelaide Magazine


November, 2017: “I Want to Know the Ending” published in Gold Man Review (Issue 7), available on Amazon


September 15, 2017: “A Black Opus,” published in Cleaver Magazine (Issue 19) / audio recording On the Edge podcast


July 28, 2017: “Momentarily,” published in Sweet Tree Review (Summer 2017)


July 21, 2017: “Three Little Sisters,” published at The Bookends Review.


July 6, 2017: Listed in Poets & Writers Directory!


June 26, 2017: “Present Eventually,” published at The Bookends Review


June 21, 2017: “When I Told You I Was a Prostitute,” and “Realizing You Are The Desire,” published at The Wild Word


June 9, 2017: “Juliet, I Am Not,” published at CEO Magazine


June 9, 2017: I become a Goodreads Author! ♥


June 8, 2017: “Self-Inflicted” is published in a book, Every Beginning I’ve Ever Written is Kind of Sad


June 6, 2017: “Cinderella” published at The Bookends Review


February 1, 2017: “Recovery Manual” and “Sexology” published in Awakened Voices


January 30, 2017: “The Classification of Rainbows,” “Pavee,” and “Requires Heavy Lifting” published at Eunoia Review



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