Autumnal Pinecone (photograph)

The original image of the picturesque pinecone, in color.


The same photo in black and white; to emphasize lines of the spiral and contours.



Digital photograph. As I was walking to check the mail, this beautiful pinecone was alongside the walkway. I rushed into the house and grabbed my camera. It’s possibly the most beautiful, most perfectly-shaped pinecone I’ve ever seen. I have been noticing the contours of shapes more lately — the negative space of leaves in trees, the horizon line, and swoops of bridges, and rocks, and large oak clusters that break up the skyline in the countryside of California. I have become charmed and enlivened by the drastic change of shapes I’m familiar with, outside the windows of my home, as Fall has arrived. Leaves falling from the trees have gently, yet drastically, have altered the entire line structure of the landscape.

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