Don’t Bring Your Love to a Gunfight

Don’t bring your love to a gunfight
among strangers, barricades on the boulevard,
bloody and bold, with windows into skies
I held you with an army inside,
the pounding pronounced
and promising,

down the streets of existence,
where resistance was built in bitter
moments stacked like lost bodies
entrenched, there is a climbing

that final wall falls
on the crypt of my failures
as I run with the unicorns,
mythic steps ascending,
for the battle of the heart.



I questioned what the battlefield of my own emotions may look like. Images of a fantasy land with unicorns, alongside blood and real-life battle strife came to mind. That rivalry between real, concrete images of horror alongside a mystical, soft dream land intrigued me. This poem is a small snapshot of that juxtaposition.

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