Flowerina (ink drawing)




We’re packing up and moving down to the more artsy South Bay Area, so I stole some time between packing boxes, scooted onto the floor near a nice natural light area and drew this.



8.5″ x 11″, Ink on paper. This started out as figure drawing exercise based on a reference photo of a ballerina bending down to tie her ballet shoes. As I was sketching, my lines got a little crossed (translate: messy) and her legs started looking less and less like what they should based on the reference photo. Instead of starting from the beginning and retrying the sketch, I simply worked with the lines, drawing what looked to me like a flower shape. A concept began to come together — what if she were a Flowerina? I am excited to take this into further directions, likely with some color and some signature types of flowers. So, it goes to show you that creativity comes from unexpected places, and that it is full of “happy little accidents.”

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