I See the Rainbow Electric (mixed media drawing)




8.5″ x 11″, graphite, acrylic, and ink on paper. This is one of my first mixed media attempts. Even though she’s very unfinished, I like the incomplete nature. I started this with the idea of working on a portrait in graphite, but I randomly got the idea to make a rainbow come out of her right eye. I had some newly-purchased and unfamiliar to me fixative I wanted to play with. I sketched her face with graphite, and then used fixative to secure the image and prevent smearing. Happily, the acrylic paint was merciful and was willing to go over the fixative areas fairly well. As an experimentation in incorporating all forms of art I’m working on, in one small test project, I was very pleased with the outcome. I would like to try this again, possibly using a canvas, and incorporating watercolors.

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