Twelve Point Collective—Every Beginning I’ve Ever Written is Kind of Sadfeaturing Self Inflicted

Gold Man Review I Want to Know the Ending


Porridge Magazine—Arrival is by Definition a Leaving, Fish and Fisherman

Adelaide Magazine—Out of Bed, A Letter Leaves, Mesh, Grief Bone

Cleaver—A Black Opus (recording: On the Edge)

The Bookends Review—Three Little SistersPresent Eventually

The Wild Word—When I Told You I Was a Prostitute, Realizing You Are the Desire

The Bookends Review—Cinderella

CEO—Juliet, I Am Not

Anti-Heroin ChicThree Poems

Awakened Voices—Sexology

Awakened Voices—Recovery Manual

Eunoia Review—The Classification of Rainbows, Requires Heavy Lifting, Pavee

Burningword Journal—Nature is Nurture

Virtual Verse—Memory Fruit

Ink in Thirds—Early Mornings

Postcard Poems and Prose—Affection Artists 

Dead King—Waiting for the Anger to Stop, A Phone Call Unanswered

Big River Poetry Review—Midnight River

Broad Magazine—After Party

Raving Dove—Praise for My Future Vagina


Wild Voices, Vol 2: An Anthology of Short Poetry & Art by Women

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