“Every Girl” – digital art

Every Girl - Color



Digital art. This is a modification of a hand-drawn portrait I made months ago called SamanthaI’ve been submitting to a lot of literary magazines lately, and have been noting some fantastic cover art.

Looking back at my own work, and manipulating some colors in this (originally graphite) picture, I saw a lot of fun possibilities. Go ahead and make a simple sketch of your own, and take a picture of it. Drop it into Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, or Illustrator — I bet you’ll come up with more artistic uniqueness that you ever thought!

I like the strong yellow. I like the loud colors. I like those color qualities against the softness of the female portrait. I enjoyed playing with this. Give your own artwork a digital-color try — and share them, of course!

Keep being great, lots of hugs,

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