Girl in a Wrap (drawing)

Did a small, little unfinished figure drawing today. I enjoyed making lots of lines and just letting my brain come up with whatever it felt like. I used a reference photo for a girl in a wrap as a very loose concept. The colors in the wrap and various other squiggly lines that I seem to be obsessed with lately are my brain child. This is very rough, but was relaxing and fun. I’m not super happy with the upper portion of her — her head — but as for her neck and shoulders, and the rest of her physique, I am very pleased with those lines. I may come back to this and add in her facial features, or just leave this as a exercise. Everything doesn’t have to be a polished, finished product.



The full image. You can see her full figure. I especially like the wrap colors!

Wrap Girl - Full Image


The same image, but zoomed in and focused on her bust, and the wrap. 

Wrap Girl - Zoomed

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