Granite Rocks (ink drawing)

The beach is only about two miles away from my home, so you’ll be seeing lots of ocean-themed art by me. Here is some more line art. I really like the accessibility of this type of art — I just pick up my pens and go for it. No paint, prep work, or organizing. This is a good way to “keep it loose” and I’ve been enjoying it. I would definitely recommend it if you are having a creativity block, or need some space from a larger project.



9.5″ x 6″, ink on paper. The rocks in real life that I drew from are dark black with playful streaks of granite. A very interesting shapeset to work with. The lines started as a way to draw in the planes of the rocks, but as the drawing progressed I lengthened them and they became a feature of their own. Also, I really love any excuse I can think of to use my fat, size 2 Micron.


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