Making a Sketch into Digital Work – Aubrey

I am revisiting some of my earliest portrait sketches this week. Aubrey, drawn in June 2015, is what I began working on today. It was a short drawing session, but I can already tell that it was helping me edit the sketchy-sketchy lines in the original drawing. I like seeing her in block-style black-and-white contrast. I tend to really enjoy line drawings with just a touch of watercolor effect, and that is what I’ll be doing the rest of week! Enjoy her second rebirth as a digital artwork!


Aubrey’s first set of definitive digital lines.
Aubrey - Line Work Beginning

Aubrey’s second set of lines, showing the underdrawing.

Aubrey - Lines, Digital, 2

Aubrey, solid digital lines with underdrawing removed.

Aubrey - Solid Digital Lines



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