Three Succulents With Neon Colors (digital)




Digital art. I made this using Sketchbook Pro on my smartphone! It’s a Galaxy Note 4, which has a lovely little stylus. I worked on this while I was doing my laundry at the laundromat, which goes to show you can fit creativity in at any time! This was a short sketch, using an existing photo I took of some succulents. Being able to use my own reference photo really makes the art process a lot more fun. I feel more emotionally connected to the final art product. I know where I was, and what I was doing while I took the original photo. I remember why I was entranced, and what was originally artistically pleasing to me about seeing this in real life. I like the lines of succulents. The innner and outer shapes, the colors, the way everything is so delicate in form and yet so sturdy at the same time. They are hardy, yet pretty plants, and emotionally, I like to think of myself the same way. Maybe they’ll be my personal icon from now on. Seems like a good choice, doesn’t it? (If you want to see work-in-progress photos of this work, please go to my WIP page.)

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