Six Succulents (digital art, version 2 / WIP)

This is the second round of working this picture of succulents. I originally made a less realistic version of it here.


It was colorful and fun, focusing more on the bright-color aspect and less on the real, true-to-form colors of the succulent. I told myself I’d come back to work using the very same reference image but doing it in a different style. And this is the result. It’s still a work-in-progress, but here are some images from the working second version.

Six Succulents - v.2 WIP, Full Image

The working second version. There is still cleaning and refining to do. But note the realistic style I’m aiming for, aside from the pink outline — which I like as a contrast from the dark green.

Six Succulents - v.2 Center Succulent
A zoom-in of the center succulent.














Six Succulents - v.2 Side-by-Side Plants

Side-by-side zoom-in shots of two succulents in the image.


Six Succulents - v.2 Highlighted Edges
Highlighted edges with pink lines. It’s fun to see the underlines and structure without the color.



A zoom-in of a succulent, colored. With the original gray lines and pink overlapping + highlighted edges.

In another post, I show the lines from the image with various background colors. It’s fun to play with the original lines of a drawing and explore all of the possibilities. You can see that here.

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